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Beauty is not too late

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About half an hour later, Tang Yusheng and Tang Yuyan planned to leave. Xiao Shi ordered the three brothers of the Tang family to take Tang Yu to pay their respects in the evening. In fact, Tang Yuwan doesn't like to go out, but courtesy is indispensable. Tang Yusheng deliberately waited for them for a quarter of an hour, intending to go on the road together. Although the weather is cold, but not special circumstances, men over the age of 16 still have to ride a horse, this is the unwritten rules of Qi, of course, Xiao Jin that kind of "sick" except. Tang Yuwan and Tang Yuyan sat together in the carriage, and the two looked at each other in silence. About a quarter of an hour carriage stopped in front of the Tang mansion, inside the rough make Mammy carried two green silk sedan chair Hou in front of the door, Tang Yuwan and Tang Yuyan respectively on the sedan chair, Yao Guang carried a food box to follow, food box filled with Xiao specially let come over tuckahoe cake. The gate of a big family was a little far from the main hall, and the women's families were weak, so most of them were picked up by sedan chairs. Take Huai Cheng Gong Fu as an example, there are only twelve or thirteen sedan chairs like this, which are not used on weekdays. Two or three are enough, and only so many are used at banquets. After the hall of hanging flowers and the veranda of copying hands, turning the screen wall is the main hall, Tang Yan and two aunts have long been waiting on it. After the Chinese New Year, Tang Yuwan received a red envelope from her second aunt. It was wrapped in a purse. The pattern on it was her second aunt's needle and thread. Her pattern was hibiscus, and her brothers' pattern was honeysuckle, wave and Ruyi cloud. This intention alone is touching. Several people sat down and began to chat,Nail Making Machine price, and soon the topic somehow turned to school and family. Not knowing whether it was a coincidence or deliberate, Tang Jia's aunt Wang brought her daughter Tang Anning to pay a New Year call. Tang Jia looked at her and frowned secretly, thinking that there were dead people outside the door? Why did you let her in. Jiang Shi also knew that it was not appropriate for the Tang brothers to be present at this time, so he asked Tang Yusheng to take them to the study, and it happened that Tang Jia did not want to see Wang Shi, so he followed him. Tang Yuwan thought that he was not good here, so he wanted to pull Tang Yuyan to her place. Tang Yuyan grabbed her and handed her a look of watching the show. Wang watched Tang Jia leave, and his sorrow almost turned into substance. It is reasonable to say that the wife of the main house would like to swallow her husband's concubine alive, but Jiang Shi did not care about Wang Shi at all,Nail machine supplier, and even wished Wang Shi would appear in front of her every day. Because Wang is here to sing, read, do and play everything, the master does not want her, she came, can see the good play, happy for a long time, how not good? Wang stood there like a weak willow in the wind, and Tang Yuwan felt that she was really a delicate and weak beauty, with a thin skirt and jacket of duck egg green, a graceful lining, a touch of slender waist, and a graceful curl. The hair is half tied up in a bun, and a plain silver step is swaying and falling. He is really a romantic figure. As soon as Wang opened his mouth, the tea in Tang Yuwan's mouth was about to come out. What kind of moth was this? "Madam, my concubine says hello to you." Wang raised his sleeve and gently shook it, gently wiped the corner of his eyes, opened his mouth, Nail machine manufacturer ,wire nail making machine, and made nine turns and eighteen bends, which seemed to contain infinite grievances. Jiang looked at her with a smile and motioned to Mammy behind her to kneel down with a futon cushion. Wang gracefully knelt down, twisting his body as if he had no bones, and the grievance in his eyes was even worse. His eyes were full of spring, and he was as sad as Jiang. Tang Yuwan had never seen a concubine who paid her respects to her mother as if she wanted to seduce her mother, and she was stunned. What surprised her even more was in the back. With a slender hand, Wang gently held a cup of tea and handed it to Jiang, "Madam, drink tea." It's the same crooked tune. Before Jiang could stretch out her hand, Aunt Wang slapped the teacup and her hands were burned red. Immediately with tears in his eyes, he accused Jiang Shi, "Madam, my concubine is kind enough to offer tea, but you knocked it over and burned my concubine's hand.". Quickly let the master judge, how do you do this madam, usually bully me this weak woman. The lady in the house has a dangerous heart. Dan Kou, what should I do with a weak woman? The master was busy with his official business all the year round, leaving his concubine alone to deal with all these dangers. In that case, your love, sir, Dan Kou and I will repay you in the afterlife. Chi this also surprised, this aunt how to cry and cry to sing, Tang Yuyan attached to her ear, "this aunt is the head of the Yuchun class, usually this tune." Chi saw her run to the pillar after singing, as if to die, Tang Yuwan can not help but be surprised, but see her own daughter are standing still, I do not know how the way.
The aunt ran to the pillar, and after a meal, she began to cry with the pillar in her arms, and the orchid fingers were particularly charming. The people around almost clapped their hands and applauded. The daughter of Aunt Wang wanted to bury her head in the ground, but Aunt Wang did not feel it at all. Jiang Shi asked people to send Aunt Wang back quickly, and Tang Anning hurriedly asked for an Ann and ran out. Jiang Shi was very satisfied with the play just now. He waved his hand and said to Tang Yuwan, "Ah Chi, don't blame me. Aunt Wang was originally a Huadan. She played and sang in a small opera. I don't know what strange drama books she had seen, so she was like this.." Jiang Shi paused, really do not know what words to use to describe it. Those small means, common in the play, but put in reality only feel inferior funny, Tang Yuwan shook his head, said he did not mind. Jiang Shi left Tang Yuwan for them to have dinner before letting them go back. By the way, he asked Tang Yujing to tell Tang Yan and Xiao Shi that he had gone to visit them a few days ago, which surprised Tang Yuwan for a while. The author has something to say: tweet, gay friend sweet article "The Old Story of the Western Qin Dynasty" used to use the name "Take away a soft E" by Arkin2799 Very sweet, very good-looking! The six princesses are milky and sweet, and whoever takes them away knows! PS: Her author's name is really very difficult to type, but it is very distinctive! Chapter 15 make an appointment. When Tang Yan and Jiang Shi came, Tang Yujing had already taken his younger brother and sister to Chang'an Wangfu. According to Xiao Shi's words, Xiao Jin was their uncle and should go there. He also sent someone to ask Xiao Jin if it was convenient in advance. He heard that Tang Yu would come late, and Xiao Jin was very convenient. Chang'an Wangfu was originally a moderate residence of corrupt officials. Later, the house was ransacked and returned to the public. There was nothing surprising beside it, but there was a rather exquisite Suzhou garden built inside, with nine winding paths, flowing water and strange stones. Summer scenery is even better,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and winter also has a special taste. Xiao Jinzheng took a group of people to visit, and by the way, he could see Tang Yuwan at close range and say a few words to her. 3shardware.com


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